Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Enjoy the little things

Yes yes, I admit it... I'm a zombie land geek. But it's not a bad mantra all things told.
For instance right now I am sitting in Heathrow Terminal 4, not a great or terrible place but mostly...meh. just finished a fairly tasty steak with a couple glasses of fairly nice wine and now the Oh wait... LHR T4.

Anyway, the waiter came to do the payment stuff and what a lovely young lad, from Poland and full of tips on places to go... Also he didn't mock me for my pronunciation of a vodka they do that I love. So that's all good.... Also now I have a margarita... Now we're taking!

But it got me thinking about mental states, perception and inevitably T1. Hey you know that monkey troop so enough said there. In any case, having a moment to just so and enjoy my surroundings and not think work and such was a nice change. It allowed me to remember something I had forgotten... Even though I see it everyday...."Enjoy the little things".

I've said it before, easy thoughts and concepts are often hard in the real world, but I think that it is something those of us with the added load of being a pancreas should probably embrace even more.

Let's not sugar coat things (oh god no I will need to bolus) life can be a grind for us at times. But that is what makes it even more important that we look for the small silly, crazy things that make us smile, laugh or otherwise not take the world seriously.

We have a million things to consider before breakfast and then life stars to get really difficult with us... But if we get to the end of the day.... Enjoy the little things.. take five minutes to sit and look at the pretty sky at sunset, laugh at a funny incident on the tube... Then fistbump the person as you get off (that way tonight... Gotta love crazy people) and just go with what life gives you.

Yes we may hold a couple crappy cards in this hand.... But you can still enjoy the little things.

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